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9-10 March 2021 | ONLINE


The Official Summit Accommodation Hotel – Atlantis, The Palm

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We are delighted that Atlantis, The Palm, is the official accommodation 2021 Hotel for Summit attendees. The Atlantis, The Palm is the Hotel where the Summit is being held, so is convenient whilst also being a five-star luxury beach resort.  

Atlantis, The Palm is an ocean-inspired destination resort, spectacularly situated on Dubai’s world-famous Palm Island, with views across Dubai’s iconic skyline. Inspired by the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, everything about this majestic resort is larger than life. Designed to exhilarate and destined to impress, huge gilded doors open to reveal the ultimate destination for adventure and entertainment.

Please note it is no longer the Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai as was advertised for the 2020 event, as due to the current pandemic the Emerald Palace will remain shut until September 2021.





Providing a safe environment during The Retail Summit 2021 is a priority, and we will be implementing the strictest health and safety measures as per the regulations stipulated by DTCM https://www.dubaitourism.gov.ae/en/legislative-news/covid-19-advisory

The Atlantis, The Palm will ensure that all the event room touchpoints are properly set and cleaned as per Atlantis Safety Standards Atlantis, The Palm, Health & Sanitation Program

We will be observing all social distancing measures at the time of the Summit to ensure each attendee’s safety, health and peace of mind.

All attendees have a shared responsibility in event safety, and must take actions to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 (including providing their own face covering and washing hands regularly). If an attendee is displaying symptoms (including a high temperature, dry cough, fatigue) they will be asked to leave the Summit. Attendees will be asked at registration to self-certify that they do not have symptoms, have not been diagnosed with or had direct contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case in the past 14 days, and will comply with the event’s safety policies and procedures including wearing face coverings, physical distancing, and other determined requirements. Violation of policies will cause removal from the event.

Attendees are solely responsible for complying with any travel measures stipulated by the country of departure and arrival, and the respective airline.



  • Wearing a face mask will be mandatory at the Summit, whilst wearing gloves are optional. We ask that delegates provide their own masks and change as necessary, however there will be masks available if required
  • A social distance of 2 metres must be adhered to at all times. At queues, floor stickers will be placed to ensure minimum distance is maintained. Security and event staff will ensure adherence to social distancing.
  • The event will take place with 40% of the venue capacity and where appropriate only 4 seats per table will be arranged
  • Regular handwashing is recommended and sanitizing stations will be provided in all key areas
  • All visitors will be screened via contactless temperature checks prior to entering the venue through designated hotel entrances and a registration
  • If a high temperature is indicated, the individual will be directed to an isolation room and will be given medical assistance
  • Food and beverages will be served by catering staff at buffet stations. This is as per Dubai Government Rules & Regulations and checked on a regular basis by the Dubai Municipality
  • Complete sanitization of the Summit venue will be conducted one hour before the start of each day
  • Designated bins are located throughout the venue to ensure that used Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) is disposed in a safe manner
  • Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected hourly

Please note, these guidelines are subject to change and will be updated in accordance with Government Regulations.

Experience Dubai with Gulf Dunes

For international guests who require a helping hand with travel arrangements once they arrive in Dubai, or who would like to make the most of their visit and experience the cultural sights and attractions Dubai has to offer, our entertainment partner Gulf Dunes can help. Gulf Dunes provide a tailor-made concierge service that includes visa processing, airport transfers, activities, experiences, event tickets or dinner reservations. Contact Suzanne Kirk, the general manager to enquire or download the brochure here.


The type of visa needed to enter Dubai depends on several factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its duration.

To view a list of countries that do not require advance visa arrangements to enter the UAE please select the button on the bottom of the page.

Please note:     

  • Citizens of specific countries can receive a 30-day visa upon arrival from the date of entry with their standard passport
  • The visa is extendable. In the event that the visa is extended, it will total 60 days from the date of entry
  • Passports should be standard and valid for more than six months
  • This visa is considered a multi-entry visa, which allows the visa holder to consume the 30-day visa validity regardless of whether the visa holder is inside or outside the UAE.
  • If the visa holder spends any time outside of the UAE during the 30-day period when the visa is valid, these days are subsequently added on to the period that the visa is valid for, once the visa holder returns to the UAE.
  • The Retail Summit can not be held responsible should your Visa not be approved for any reason.

For detailed Visa information please click here


Although Dubai is a very modern city, one has to remember that this is still a Muslim city with Islamic cultures and heritage. We have created the below guidelines when visiting this world renowned city. 

Dress Code

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with diverse cultures. Swimwear is acceptable on beaches, in pool and spa areas and for water-based entertainment but is not   appropriate in areas such as business districts and shopping malls.

In the more historical areas of the city and places of religious worship, you should dress conservatively. In mosques, clothing that covers shoulders, arms and legs is required, Ladies, Please ensure that you cover your hair when entering a mosque.

Public Displays of Affection 

Please keep all public displays of affection to a minimum, you may shake hands and hold hands. Kissing and hugging in public areas is strictly prohibited. 

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is served in licensed establishments like hotels, bars and specialised shops provided that you are over 21 years of age. Please keep in mind that drunk and disorderly conduct and drunk driving is not acceptable and a criminal offense. Using illegal drugs is also strictly prohibited.

For more detailed information about the culture, please click here