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22 Oct 2020

Retail Reimagined: The New Era For Customer Experience

Retail Reimagined: The New Era For Customer Experience

Earlier this year, we experienced the largest monthly decline in US retail sales on record. 40% of customers switched between brands or retailers. By some estimates, we have vaulted ahead ten years in consumer and business digital penetration in less than three months. (source: McKinsey’s Retail Reimagined Report, August 2020).
The global COVID-19 pandemic has reset the retail gameboard. Since the turn of the year, consumer expectations have transformed radically. There simply are no more “normal” shopping decisions.

How can retailers emerge stronger? Join our panel to find out.

Confirmed Panellists:

• Chris Davis, Chief Marketing Officer, New Balance
• Jose Gomez, Chief Development Officer, ETAM Group
• Mona Kinal, CMO, Empik Group
• Brian Ruwadi, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

• Kabir Ahuja, Partner, McKinsey & Company

This live webinar will examine:

• The use of data and tech to forge deeper connections with existing customers and win new ones at a moment when shoppers are unusually open to switching brands.
• How retailers can employ next-generation in-store technology to unite online and offline and personalize the shopping experience.
• The increasingly important role of socially responsible, purpose-driven initiatives in customer buying decisions.
• Key actions retailers need to take to meet consumer needs during the holidays and in 2021


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