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17 Sep 2020

Luxury's New World Order

Luxury's New World Order

Like the current retail landscape, the world of luxury is a place of uncertainty and unpredictability. Dramatic shifts in developing economies, the proliferation of new technologies, and calls for stronger sustainability strategies are all changing the outlook for luxury. 

This week saw the launch of Amazon's luxury store experience, 'Luxury Stores', which for many, will act as a further wake-up call to start taking new risks and finding innovative ways to market and curate experiences.

Next Thursday, we will be joined by an expert panel representing both luxury travel and fashion to explore what the future for the luxury category looks like, and the opportunities for growth.


J.Lindberg, Prota Fiori, Sunseeker, Brand X Society







Confirmed Panellists:

  • Hans-Christian Meyer, CEO, J. Lindeberg  
  • Andrea Frabetti, CEO, Sunseeker International 
  • Jennifer Stucko, Founder & CEO, Prota Fiori


  • Angela Farrugia, Founder, Brand x Society

Topic: Luxury's New World Order
Date: Thursday 24 September, 13:00 (UK), 16:00 (United Arab Emirates)

This live webinar will explore:

  • How luxury brands can bring the theatre of lifestyle, escapism and experience, online
  • Creative collaborations and partnerships that will appeal to new consumer expectations
  • How brands can recalibrate their strategies to compete in a new market where traditional ideas of luxury no longer apply
  • The new experiences and values consumers - particularly Gen Z and millennials - have come to expect from luxury brands


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