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19 Nov 2020

Dream Big; Win Big

Dream Big; Win Big

We bring some of marketing’s brightest minds together to discuss the new rules of marketing engagement.

We’ll look at how leading global brands are using digital capabilities creatively to attract more customers and breathe life into their ad campaigns.

Drawing on the panel’s extensive experience, including a three-time Cannes Lions Grand Prix Award-winner, we'll delve into the impact creativity and technology are having on retail and how brands can break down silos to help technology enable creativity and bring big ideas to life.

Confirmed Speakers:

-Fernando Machado, CMO, Burger King
-Faraz Khalid, CEO, Noon
-Daniel Head, CRO, Braze

Topic: Dream Big; Win Big
Date: Thursday 19 November, 13:00 (UK), 17:00 (United Arab Emirates)

This live webinar to learn about:

• Staying ahead of the curve given the profound shift in the rules of marketing engagement, particularly in light of the pandemic
• How retailers can completely transform their relationship with the customer, today and tomorrow
• Uniting stakeholders with disparate motivations to deliver outstanding results
• How to create memorable and relevant experiences for both existing and new customers


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