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05 Nov 2020

Curating Next Generation Omnichannel Experiences

Curating Next Generation Omnichannel Experiences

Founded in 2011, Global Fashion Group has established itself as the No.1 fashion and lifestyle destination in growth markets by pursuing a customer experience vision.

We take a deep dive with Global Fashion Group’s Co-CEO, Patrick Schmidt to learn how the brand continues to keep up with consumers’ rapidly shifting expectations. Moderated by Sammar Farooqi, SAP the session will explore how the brand is driving innovations in its marketing, operations, customer experience and analytics. 

Topic: Curating Next Generation Omnichannel Experiences
Date: Thursday 5 November, 12:30 (London), 16:30 (United Arab Emirates)

In this intimate Q&A, you will learn how Global Fashion Group is:

· Expanding its DTC footprints to meet customers’ expectations
· Taking an app and mobile first approach to optimise the shopping experience
· Personalising the fulfilment model to each country the Group operates in to consistently delight the customer
· Standing out in the digital domain through data-driven decision making
· Adapting supply chain and inventory for the new normal

Guest Speaker: Patrick Schmidt, Co-CEO, Gobal Fashion Group
Moderator: Sammar Farooqi, Leader - Industry and Customer Advisory, Retail, SAP



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