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25 Jun 2020

Critical Insights on Consumer Trends During COVID-19

Critical Insights on Consumer Trends During COVID-19

As retailers begin to re-open physical stores, insights on consumer online behaviour will offer crucial guidance on shifting interests and buying trends.

Join us for a live discussion based upon data insights from the TRAUB and Crosswalk Labs analysis of 5.29M shoppers; tracking reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, looking at how consumers, from Gen Z to Boomers, adapted to the situation while also thinking about what comes next.

The panel will help inform and guide retailers to understand consumer expectations as they begin to spend and shop again.


  • Nicole Berg, Director of Research, Abercrombie & Fitch, Head of Consumer Insights, A&F and Hollister 
  • Erica Kasel, Managing Director & "CMO-in-Residence", TRAUB Consulting
  • Jenna Menking, Founder, Crosswalk Labs 
  • Erin Kemp, Managing Director, Crosswalk Labs


  • Mortimer Singer, CEO, TRAUB Consulting


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