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03 Dec 2019

Retail Resolution #1 - Radek Jelinek, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Italia

Retail Resolution #1 - Radek Jelinek, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Italia
Resolution #1 Personalise your customer experience
To mark the most important month of the retail year, during December we’ll be gifting you with our retail resolutions for 2020, highlighting inspiring insights from a selection of retail leaders to have graced The Retail Summit stage past (earlier this year), present and future. Today’s retail resolution is courtesy of our latest speaker, Radek Jelinek, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Italia. Transitioning from a car manufacturer to service provider, Mercedes-Benz is focusing its “Best Customer Service” strategy on creating interactive brand experiences through digitisation and personalisation, combining online and offline experiences with multifunctional concept showrooms that offer customers information, advice, gastronomy and brand-oriented events. Hear Radek share how Mercedes-Benz is redefining ‘car manufacturer’ and reinventing itself as a lifestyle brand at The Retail Summit 2020. Download the agenda today: http://bit.ly/2IBKvvd