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Reimagining Retail – Adapting In-Store Experiences for Today's Consumers

10 Jun 2024

Post the collapse of the high street during the pandemic, shoppers are now returning to physical stores at a rapid pace. Customer expectations for the in-store experience are evolving and consumers are expecting innovative approaches to create immersive environments that offer them a unique shopping experience. 

This panel will delve into the resurgence of physical stores and strategies for enhancing the in-store shopping experience to showcase brands in a competitive landscape dominated by e-commerce. Hear how three senior leaders are keeping up with this trend by exploring; 

  • Strategies for creating immersive environments that reflect the brand's identity and values
  • Utilising interactive displays, AR and experiential elements to captivate and entertain customers
  • How online, new and disrupter brands are using physical spaces for customer acquisition, test and trial, marketing etc. 
  • How technological innovations enhance convenience, improve efficiency, and provide a competitive edge for brick-and-mortar retailers 
Ntola Obazee, Founder - The Trailblazers Experience Podcast
Asif Aziz, Retail Director EE - BT Group
Demi Karanikolaou, Editor at Harper's Bazaar & Founder Maison Demi Karan - Harper's Bazaar & Maison Demi Karan
Emmalene Maxwell, CFO - The Fold London
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