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10-11 March 2020 | Atlantis, Dubai

India Retailing Indiaretailing.com​​​​​​​ is trusted as the catalyst for profitable growth of modern retail through knowledge leadership. A part of IMAGES Group, we are a premier online destination for all retail-related news
Backed by a 23-year-old loyal readership base that is spread democratically across all sectors of retail, www.indiaretailing.com is counted among the country's top recall retail websites.
Aside from being a one-stop-shop for expert analyses, commentary and educational articles on retail, the website features a comprehensive bookstore where all IMAGES publications – books & magazines – are available for purchase.
Brand Mission: Indiaretailing.com is a guide to helping you, the retailer, become a modern-day retail success. Our content is not just positioned at publicizing your retail outlets best, but also to help you become smarter, aid you in setting up niftier stores that will push up sales, and support you in training your staff better – all the while providing you with consumer trends and advice on key retail dynamics.

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