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10-11 March 2020 | Atlantis, Dubai

Al MallALMALL is a new e-commerce market place of SRPC. It is home to more than 1 Million products for women, men, and children. It offers world-class fashion brands, innovative local products, and exclusive, high-quality designs from the region and beyond. From contemporary pieces to more traditional attire such as abayas, ALMALL has a superb range of garments, watches, perfumes, sunglasses, cosmetics, household goods, leather bags, shoes, accessories, and more. 

The site provides between 30 to 70 percent on a selection of top international brands, as well as a free delivery service within 24 hours on the option of payment in cash upon receipt, with the possibility of returning products free of charge. In addition, ALMALL provides professional customer service with well-trained staff that is happy to assist every step of the way, from the minute an order is made, to delivery, to post-delivery in case of queries or possible hitches in the purchasing process. 

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