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Store makers

Store Makers Middle East has a rich history dating back to 1868 when Stefan Hopferwieser started a joinery business. Over time, the company evolved, specializing in shopfitting in 1956 and securing significant contracts in the Middle East, including a landmark deal in 1987 with Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi. With over 35 years of project experience in the region and around 15 years of manufacturing in Dubai, Store Makers Middle East has become a go-to provider of retail solutions, drawing from a deep well of expertise and resources.

Strategic expansions, such as establishing regional offices and manufacturing facilities in Dubai, have enabled Store Makers Middle East to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving retail landscape. Investments in technology, like CNC routing machines, have enhanced efficiency in project delivery, while the opening of a new Regional Production Hub in 2019 at Dubai Investments Park 2 marked a significant milestone in the company's growth journey, consolidating its capabilities under one roof.

In 2021, Store Makers Middle East underwent a strategic consolidation, bringing together brands like JWP Technical Services, HDD Interiors, and umdasch under one umbrella. This integration, effective from January 2022, positions the company as a powerhouse in the Middle Eastern retail interiors sector, poised to deliver exceptional solutions to its clients. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to innovation, Store Makers Middle East continues to redefine retail environments across the region, driven by a dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. 

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