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Estater is a leading real estate data company in the GCC, known for its innovative real estate market intelligence solutions. For the retail sector, Estater is building data on retail brands, demographics, properties, and the intricate relationships that bind these.

Retail brands have different merchandise, and they target customers from varied socio-economic profiles. Ideally, the brands should be located in properties that can attract the kind of footfall the brands need. This match making is currently done sub optimally, with lots of friction and at a very high cost.

Estater offers data science driven solutions for the retail brands to find locations that would work the best for their merchandise in a seamless way; without friction and at a fraction of the cost. The solution is highly suitable for property owners as it helps them generate an optimum tenant mix for their property to generate footfall, sales and rentals.

Estater's array of services:

  • Project Feasibility Study: Conducting over 100 project feasibility studies across the GCC and Libya, covering various types of real estate projects.
  • Market Research: Providing over 150 market research reports, offering market overviews and location-specific research.
  • Market Outlook Study: Producing market outlook reports to aid in the development of market strategies and action plans.
  • Property Valuation: Completing numerous property pricing and valuation assignments, including benchmarking for freehold properties and valuation for lands and income-generating properties.
  • Market Gap Analysis: Identifying profitable opportunities through gap analysis, leveraging GIS-based data on real estate.
  • Design Optimization: Working on design optimization to enhance cost-efficiency and profitability, supported by financial model simulations.
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