Simone Dominici

Simone Dominici

CEO, Kiko Milano
KIKO MILANO was founded in 1997 in  Milan and since then has revolutionized how cosmetics are sold globally, supporting the freedom of creative self expression.  KIKO MILANO identifies the beauty trends of  the moment and makes them accessible to all.  We understand the power of make-up and  love that it can ignite a spark and make you feel fabulous and confident. We want everyone to be able to  create the right look, for every situation, with  style but without losing one’s individuality. At KIKO MILANO we would like you to  experiment and chose the look that really  represents you. We strive to offer a vibrant, and extensive variety of  products and textures in over 1300 colours, a multi-sensorial  experience, yet always at an accessible price. Based in Italy, and truthful to our DNA, KIKO takes advantage of combining trustworthy  product technology with creativity.