Sima Ganwani Ved

Sima Ganwani Ved

Founder & Chairwoman, Apparel Group

Sima Ganwani Ved, a dynamic leader, and entrepreneur has revolutionised the retail industry in the UAE as the Founder and Chairwoman of the Apparel Group. Her journey from an ambitious Department Manager at age 20 to a respected industry titan is truly inspiring. Under her guidance, the group now boasts over 85 brands in more than 2,100 stores across 14 countries. Sima Ganwani Ved’s remarkable achievements have earned her numerous prestigious awards, including The Philanthropreneur of the Year, Retailer of the Year, Great Place to Work, Great Women’s Award, Emirates Woman of the Year, and a spot in the 100 most powerful business women of 2023. Beyond her business success, she passionately advocates for women in business, mentoring her daughters and others to follow in her footsteps. Her story exemplifies a powerful blend of ambition, leadership, and dedication to both professional excellence and personal growth.