Phil Learney

Phil Learney

Co-Founder, HMN24 & Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA)

Phil has been one of the world's leading and most in-demand Strength and Conditioning Coaches for the past two decades, with an exclusive and high-profile roster of clients ranging from CEOs, Elite athletes, actors and actresses. In 2021, Phil co-founded the Human Performance brand HMN24 - focused on optimising human performance and the sleep-wake cycle through education and supplementation. Phil is also the founder and global director of the Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA) - an educational platform and community that focuses on the health and wellness space. The academy provides business support, nutritional coaching and further education to over 6000 students from over 40+ countries. Phil is a world-class speaker and has written extensively for leading health and fitness magazines and publications. He published his first book, N1 Nutritional Programming in 2015 and continues to educate and consult with many leading health and wellness brands worldwide.