Mena Marano

Mena Marano

CEO, Arav Group

Mena Marano is an Italian entrepreneur and activist in the fashion industry, renowned for her innovative style and exceptional leadership and known for her commitment to the sustainable women's clothing sector and for her constant work for respect for women and female empowerment. Her bold vision and determination pushed her to found, together with her husband Giuseppe Ammaturo, Arav Group, one of the main companies in the contemporary fashion scene, of which she holds the role of CEO. To date, the company is the owner and distributor of Silvian Heach and John Richmond brands and it holds the license for the Trussardi Junior brand.

Guided by the mission to create a positive impact through fashion and innovation, Mena created Silvian Heach brand in 2002, with a clear vision: to combine contemporary aesthetics with environmental awareness and support for women. Precisely for this reason, Mena Marano's commitment has gone beyond the production of clothing. She established numerous social projects aimed at supporting women in difficulty, offering training and work opportunities, as well as financial and psychological support. These projects include partnerships with non-governmental organizations and charities to provide assistance to women victims of violence, as well as education and vocational training programs to help them to build an independent and secure future. Through her work, Mena Marano has earned respect and admiration both in the fashion industry and in social initiatives scene. She is an authoritative voice in promoting sustainability and gender equality, actively participating in conferences and debates on environmental and social issues.

Mena Marano continues to lead his company with passion and commitment, demonstrating that it is possible to combine commercial success with positive impact on society and the environment. Under her leadership, the company has achieved extraordinary success, expanding into international markets and collaborating with world-renowned creative talents. Mena Marano firmly believes in the importance of corporate social responsibility and has made of sustainability a fundamental pillar of Arav Group's corporate philosophy, committing to reducing environmental impact and promoting ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

In addition to her work as CEO, Mena Marano is an inspiration and mentor for young women aspiring to careers in fashion and in business. Through her commitment to supporting female empowerment and diversity in the industry, she demonstrated her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Mena Marano continues to lead Arav Group towards new goals, with an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and social responsibility, demonstrating that fashion can be not only an expression of style, but also a positive force for change in the world.

About Arav Group

Arav Group was funded in 2002 as a small family business, operating in the production and distribution of women’s clothing, with the Silvian Heach brand. Despite significant changes in the company’s size, over the years, the core idea is the same: the costumer is always at the center of everything we do. Arav Group work to create values beyond profit, placing resources and the environment at the core of its strategic process and constantly striving to be better. It is essential to convey the concept that our fashion is right wear. The goal for the future is not to change its users’ vision but to enhance and make them recognisable, beautiful and intriguing.

Arav represents a solid Group, characterized by an extremely competitive business strategy and efficient worldwide distribution networks. Arav strongly believes in the potential of digital tools to increase business opportunities, boost e-commerce sales and spread awareness of the Group’s brands.

In 2017 the Arav Group acquired John Richmond, a historic brand that has become famous throughout the world for its collections with a rock soul, resumed the interrupted path and outlined a new plan for stylistic development and international expansion. Over the years the company has developed children's collections, streetwear collection (Richmond X), accessories, underwear and licenses for shoes, glasses, perfumes, jewellery, amenities and the home line. The John Richmond brand is present at all fashion weeks and trade fairs aiming for international expansion.

In 2019 the Arav Group is committed to the global relaunch of Trussardi Junior, for which he holds the production and distribute license. This widely spreads the style of Trussardu Junior, which embodies contemporary luxury inspired by the dynamism of the metropolises of origin, with a careful eye on current trends and lifestyle.

The growing interest of net surfers in Arav specifically suggested the need to define a digital strategy that would mark the company’s entry into Web 3. The group, moreover, recognizes the urgent need to reduce negative externalities from production and supply chain and is committed to educate it semployees on the importance of social responsibility and their empowerment. ARAV has embarked on a long journey to become a sustainable and environmentally conscious company.