Bianca Rangecroft

Bianca Rangecroft

Founder & CEO, Whering

Bianca is the founder and CEO of Whering, the fashion app and marketplace that allows you to digitise your wardrobe, see and style what you own. She is on a mission to upend the ‘buy, use, dispose’ model and use AI to help us make the most of the clothes we already own. Since Jan 2022, Bianca has grown Whering’s user base to over 2.5m users, raised >£1.7m and has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s, Forbes etc. Bianca is also a frequent TV, podcast and radio guest, recently appearing on Dragon’s Den, BBC radio etc. She’s been awarded the Women in the City award and Drapers 30 under 30, shortlisted for Tech innovator of the year (Drapers) and the Great British Entrepreneur awards.