Ayman Beydoun

Ayman Beydoun

Deputy CEO & COO, BFL Group

Ayman Beydoun, BFL Group’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, leads the group’s operations, with responsibility for across all regions which the company operates within. Ayman, an entrepreneurial Operations Executive with a career spanning 12+ years of increasing responsibility and expertise in driving revenue and optimizing profit margins, developing start-up infrastructures in corporate environments, and directing corporate turnarounds and brick-and-mortar expansions in a fast and dynamic large retail group. He also oversees the company's ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets. In his previous role with the group, he was occupying the role of Business Development Director for a period of 3 years where he was instrumental in growing revenues and expanding the group’s operations withing the UAE and abroad. Before joining BFL Group in March 2018, Ayman served as a Sales director in SAB International in Lebanon and SAB America in the United States. Ayman was responsible for the company's increasing development and expansion efforts into high growth, emerging B2B markets both domestically and internationally as well as its newly created and elevated retail brand in the States. Ayman was voted as ‘2020 Employee of the Year’ by BFL Group.

Ayman is currently pursuing his final year of Doctoral degree in Business Administration in Imperial College in London and currently holds a master's degree in business administration from the Imperial College School of Business in London. He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing from the Lebanese American University Beirut.