Avi Shomer

Avi Shomer

Co-Owner & CEO, Tzomet Sfarim 

Mr. Shomer opened his first bookstore in 1981 on his own. He called the bookstore "Yarid Hasfarim", which means "book fair" in Hebrew. The single bookstore turned into a bookstore chain with seventeen branches.

In 2002 Mr. Shomer led the merger between his chain, "Yarid Hasfarim" and “Tzomet Sfarim'' (which means The Book Crossroads in Hebrew). He became the CEO of “Tzomet Sfarim” and changed the bookstore industry in Israel which had no competition up until then.

Mr. Shomer's faith and vision in selling books at affordable prices, the courteous and professional customer service, and the unusual collaboration with various organizations were the industry game changers. His approach turned "Tzomet Sfarim" to the industry leader which now has one hundred branches across Israel.

Mr. Shomer is a lecturer at “IDC Herzliya” College, and is a member of the board of governors at Tel-Aviv University. Mr. Shomer was born in Jerusalem. He is married to Neomi, and is a father to Ori and Hadas. He's a grandfather to Shir and Dor.


About Tzomet Sfarim

Our story began more than twenty years ago when the first “Tzomet Sfarim” branch opened. We have quickly grown and turned into a bookseller with one hundred retail branches in Israel. "Tzomet Sfarim" is a national bookstore chain that sells books, education products, toys, games and more. It also sells these products through an e-commerce website.

Since we believe that reading is an essential part of personal development, one of our aims is to encourage the Israeli population to read. For this reason we established a retail branch at just about every corner is Israel ("Tzomet" means "crossroads" in Hebrew). We strive to provide our customers with great experience and professional service at affordable prices.