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I acquired my fine jewellery expertise in the US and in Europe working with top tier global brands such as: Verdura, Belperron, Graff USA, Seaman Schepps, Asprey & Garrard, Chaumet, Paris and Tiffany & Company.

I’m currently serving in the role of CEO at Jessica McCormick Ltd. in London. I’ve led the significant growth of the brand and initiated the restructuring of the business - tripling the sales in two years. As a brand that launched via Instagram, under my leadership alongside Jessica, the company has introduced new product collections, elevated the luxury shopping experience in the Mayfair townhouse and rejuvenated the brand through various marketing initiatives and innovative new collections.


  1. What is the driving concept behind the Jessica McCormack brand?

Reinvention of the 4 Diamond C’s: Collect-curate-craft and cult


Sustain the Craft while preserving the techniques of the previous generations: preserve the traditional skills and techniques that have become fundamental to JM signature design. While the Jessica McCormack company offers a bespoke commission service, for Jessica the most important element is to create pieces that one can wear throughout one’s life, whether you're 19 or 90! Jessica always focuses on wearable pieces that can take you through the day. It caters to all women whether it is the young girl buying her first piece of diamond jewellery or an older woman who's looking to add to her existing jewellery wardrobe. When designing for the modern woman, the Jessica McCormack jewellery uniform takes her clients from the school run to the gym to the board meeting to dinner with clients. The freedom and personal style are integrated in how they accessorise the pieces.


Make sure that jewellery is worn and loved. the idea of the jewellery uniform as Jewellery captures a moment in time. In hundreds of years, the stories that these diamonds will tell will outlive us all. Jewellery is for life and eventually passed down to our great granddaughters but we must enjoy them first!


  1. What was the pivotal point in your career?

My Big Marketing Idea at Asprey & Garrard which was to fabricate The Heart of the Ocean necklace featured in the film Titanic.

Watching the box office numbers climb, it was my brainchild to create the real necklace and auction it off at The late HRH Diana Princess of Wales charity Gala which garnered millions of pounds in publicity and sales. Having no contacts on the ground, I single handedly put the brand on the map through the celebrity dressing initiative at The Academy Awards and awards shows.


  1. When you were a child what did you want to be?

Fashion- I loved jewellery, clothing , perfume, accessories as a young girl dressing my Barbie dolls in hand-made knitted outfits.


  1. Favourite place in the world and why?

Next to my husband anywhere in the world. Having lived in London for three years, I love London- It is such a vibrant city with a soul!


  1. Which organisations/brands are you most inspired by?

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit and which resonate authenticity and embraced the digital era

Jessica McCormack-Her authenticity and talent  are unbeatable-she is the future of fine jewellery. Having worked for venerable brands considered to be the Master Jewellers of the 20th Century, Jessica’s 360-degree  holistic approach to diamond jewellery resonates with ultra-high net worth jewellery aficionados worldwide. Designing jewellery and repurposing pieces which is relevant and wearable for women today is her objective. Her whole philosophy is to create contemporary yet timeless pieces, designed to be passed down generations. This is at the very core of what she does.  Bespoke jewellery is about the craft, the art, and the emotion.                       

Dr. Barbara Sturm skin care- exceptional innovative products, packaging and branding as she is social media centric-best skin care line!

Manolo Blahnik-what is not to love! Those fabulous shoes switch up an outfit and show personality!

Emilia Wickstead-chic, elegant and true to essence of the brand

Connolly’s leather company-aesthetic par non


  1. What is the most exciting thing happening at Jessica McCormack right now?

The business growth tripled in two years with exponentially higher number of clients. We are trying to catch-up to the growth which is a nice problem to have.


  1. What are you looking forward to most about attending The Retail Summit?

It is the luxury retail cross roads of talent and information & knowledge shared at the Retail Summit from industry leaders from privately held, publicly traded companies.


  1. What does the future hold for Jessica McCormack?

She is the future of diamond jewellery. She will attain global brand recognition and capture market share!


Jessica McCormack is the esteemed London based diamond jeweller located on Carlos Place in a Mayfair townhouse. Jessica McCormack designs and creates exclusive handcrafted collections of high and fine jewellery, as well as bespoke client commissions, in the jewellers workshop, found beneath the shop.


The company is known for a distinctive aesthetic - merging traditional Georgian techniques, modern and antique diamonds with contemporary design. Jessica’s designs effortlessly fit into her clients’ jewellery wardrobes, to be worn today and passed down from one generation to the next. The workshop reimagines a forgotten era of luxury in the most breathtakingly beautiful way, where clients are inspired to curate their own collections to reflect their unique personal style. Jessica’s unconventional 4 C’s are Collect, Curate, Craft and Cult.