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AWWG is the global fashion group which integrates the iconic brands Pepe Jeans London, Hackett and Façonnable, and is the licensed distributor for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein in Spain and Portugal. All We Wear Group currently has 500 brand stores, with a presence in 54 countries globally and a workforce of 2,800 employees.

Knowing now what you do, what would you tell your 18 year old self?

From what I have learned from my experience is that nothing is forever, life is a continuous evolution. You should not stand still. Change is the only thing that is certain. That people are key to success. That you are not alone.

Your greatest fear?

To not transient as human or leader. We all have a responsibility in life, a reason for living and being. We should share our experiences and help others to grow.


If you could be anything or anyone, what would you be?

Honestly I'm very happy with who I am. However, I have had many crazy ideas of doing many other things. From being a politician, being an astronaut, a TV news presenter all the way to becoming a Chef and opening a small boutique hotel where I could cook for my guests.

When and how did you discover your purpose?

Since my childhood when I was 10, I always wanted to lead a team, to teach and learn. To be part of something. Not scared of difficulties and always seeking solutions.

What’s your next adventure?

No clue.. time will decide for me… I'm always open but not waiting for it. I'm always open to new experiences and adventures.

What 's your edge?

Being so simple and pragmatic.

What inspires you?

All the people around me. I believe there is in each person something I admire and inspires me. We can all learn from each other throughout our lives. You never stop learning.

Best piece of advice ever received/given?

My best advice is that you should never give up. You can pause and take the time to think and reflect. But don’t give up, there is always a solution, you just have to find it.

What’s changed your perspective of life?

I'm very lucky, I had great parents that always supported me, I have a great husband that is a fan of mine. 

Years and experience make you realize and change the perspective of life. That mix with all the different places I lived, jobs, responsibilities and all the different people I have met along the way…

I had great leaders and mentors in my career and I had great teams that worked with me from whom I have learned a lot. Of course I had good and bad moments like everyone else. I had success and failures. All will make you think about life.

What’s next for you and AWWG?

Building brand equity never stops, this is always a priority. I would say continue leading a team with great success that will bring expertise, growth and evolution.

As a company, our strategy is growth and profitability.. but I'm sure this is the same in all companies.

What’s your biggest learning/change caused by the global pandemic?

Leading a business under uncertainty is very challenging. In those situations you need to be very calm to lead the team through a crisis. Crisis is also a good moment to change and implement a transformation.

You have to learn from every situation and make the most of the good things it has to offer you.