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Jo Malone is responsible for creating some of the world’s most loved fragrances. Jo launched her first brand, Jo Malone London which gained cult status around the world. In 1999, Jo sold the business to Estee Lauder Companies and in 2022 she launched her new brand Jo Loves to global anticipation.

What do you consider the most significant time in your career?

The present, because the present is me living in the moment, I have lots of turning points – I look at my life in trilogy’s and I’m currently living in my 3rd trilogy -  but the biggest turning point was getting my first shop as that took us on a different destiny. 

What’s your greatest failure?

I love the quote from Nelson Mandela I never lose I either learn or I win – so failure often is the doors step to success. I have had many failures including getting distribution wrong with Jo Loves, getting the packaging wrong, but what I have always got right is the fragrance.

Knowing now what you do, what would you tell your 18 year old self?

Live in the moment, don’t be in such a hurry to get everywhere – enjoy the journey! And you’ll never believe it but you will change the world and you will live an amazing adventurous life! 


What brings you the greatest joy?

My family, my son and my husband and the people I surround myself with! But I love creativity and I love creating! 

If you could be anything or anyone, what would you be?

I like who I am, I don’t think I want to be anyone else. But I would love some of the attributes of the people I admire like Diane Fosy who working with Gorillas  - anyone who is in conservation! I would love to understand this more – and I would love to be an amazing chef!  

What’s your next adventure?

Going into the Middle East and creating with eyes for the middle east! And also seeing what opportunities there are and how I can change the world again! 

What’s your edge?

Being able to create in a very different way to other people – my dyslexia and synthesisia are my biggest assets and they cause me to look at life differently. But I think being able to see colour and smell gives me my edge. 

What do you want to better at in a years time than you are today?

I want to continue to grow and live life to my best – discover adventures and meet great people – and help make the world a better place to live in! 

Best piece of advice ever received/given?

Opera gave me a great piece of advice – own everything you do, stamp your identity on everything you do. And I have listened to this. And never look back unless you can laugh, and never look forward unless you can dream! I love this! For a man to discover new oceans he must first have the courage to lose sight of the shore – that has been a huge piece of advice to take with me! 

How did it feel to start ‘start again’ with Jo Loves?

It was hard work and much harder than the first time around – but a joy to be back in retail! 

What is the true skill of a perfumer?

Memory and being able to hear the fragrance in your head and feel it and be able to recreate it! 

Which brands do you love and why?

Love Chanel, Hermes, love Zara as a brand – and love creating with Zara too! Love any brand that gets up and makes something happen and caused the world to look at things with different eyes! I love theatre and entertainment in retail!