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Passport to the Middle East: Why retailers are choosing Dubai for international expansion

Favourable growth in the retail sector, reduced barriers to entry and a brand-conscious consumer are making Dubai the choice for retailers expanding into the Middle East. This report explores the opportunities and challenges for retailers.

The United Arab Emirates – more precisely Dubai – is a launchpad for regional expansion, and most of the world’s major brands have a presence. In fact, Dubai is ranked number one in overall international retailer presence, with over 62% of the world’s brands with some sort of footprint.

If you are considering international expansion or are a retailer in the MENA region, this report provides a top-level overview of the retail industry in Dubai and answers important questions for retailers, including:

  • What opportunities are there for international retailers in Dubai’s retail industry?
  • What are the big digital consumer trends in the UAE?
  • How easy is it for international businesses to do business in Dubai?
  • What is the average income and disposable income in Dubai?
  • How does this impact consumer spending habits?
  • How advanced are Dubai’s communications infrastructure?
  • What are the trends and forecasts for shopping tourism in Dubai?


In partnership  with:    Euromonitor International


Download Report: Passport to the Middle East