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Livia Lee

Livia Lee

CEO and Brand Director, lala Berlin
In her most recent role as Chief Executive Officer at lala Belin GmbH, Livia Lee brings with her more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Alongside the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of lala Berlin, Leyla Piedayesh, she has helped to drive this renowned German brand into the forefront of not just public acclaim but also profitability. Her role impacts all areas of the business from finance to logistics, distribution/sales, e-commerce and brick/mortar retail while incorporating many of her core strengths in brand development and merchandising. Her keen sense of trend and the customer experience while balancing the financial needs of the business ensure a symbiotic relationship with the Leyla Piedayesh, so she focuses on the design direction for the company. Those skills in merchandising and operational excellence were honed during executive stints at global companies such as Lacoste, Diesel and the Gap