2024 Agenda

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  • Brick & Mortar
24 Apr 2024    – 
Pioneering a Captivating Store Experience - Demonstrating Originality and Elevating the Customer Journey

Whilst the popularity of online shopping continues to surge, in-store experiences remain a cherished pastime for both locals and tourists. Discover how enterprise retailers are elevating their store design and revolutionising customer engagement.

  • Redefining the retail experience through F&B. 

  • The role of smart stores in improving inventory management and consumer engagement.  

  • Leveraging facial recognition to improve personalisation and store security. 

  • Creatively renovating stores to enhance digital touchpoints, encapsulate sustainability and reflect brand identity. 

  • The rise of minimalist interiors - using space and lighting to express a sense of luxury and exclusivity.  

Patrick Fallmann Partner & General Manager, Store Makers Middle East
Daniele Ferrero CEO, Venchi
David Wilkinson Executive Director, Steen & Strøm
Stanley Silverstein CCO, WHP Global (Toys 'R' Us)
Grzegorz Inglot CEO, INGLOT