2024 Agenda

  • Stream 2
  • Digital
23 Apr 2024    – 
How to Excel in E-Commerce - Elevating the Consumer Experience and Optimising Brand Fulfilment

With the global e-commerce market set to grow 9.4% in 2024, and mobile shopping gaining favour amongst younger generations, retailers are presented with ripe opportunity. Explore how retailers can enhance their e-commerce platforms to provide an exception digital journey and foster lasting consumer loyalty.

  • Embracing chat bots and messaging windows to interact with consumers in real time.
  • The role of online marketplaces in elevating brands and helping retailers grow their global consumer bases.
  • The growth of e-commerce in emerging markets and opportunities to engage with rural communities.
  • Cross border duties and taxes, overcoming the increasing cost of returns and defining a profitable distribution model.
  • Net promoter scores and how this translates into building customer loyalty.   
  • Adopting and driving innovation through dark stores.
Lucy Maguire Senior Trends Editor, Vogue Business
Isabel Baert CEO, Neuhaus
William Pak CEO, ESPRIT
Rob Feldman CEO, Brand Alley
Simone Dominici CEO, Kiko Milano