2024 Agenda

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  • Brick & Mortar
23 Apr 2024    – 
Agility at Scale – Pivoting Digitalisation In-Store and Enhancing Brand Experiences

Navigate the complexities of in-store digital transformation and hear from the brands that are radically transforming their architecture and operating models. Discover how leading retailers are innovating, modernising and harnessing disruptive in-store technologies to amplify the store experience, whilst simultaneously streamlining the role of store associates.  

  • Challenges faced, lessons learnt - upgrading legacy systems in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

  • Analysing consumer data from across the omnichannel to personalise engagement and propel store performance.

  • Monitoring, evaluating and taking action on KPI’s to drive customer loyalty and increase sales.

  • The role of store tech in enhancing brand experiences and streamlining the role of the store associates.

  • Leveraging generative AI instore, to empower store associates, amplify the customer experience, and driving KPI's.

Joe Corbin CEO & President, Jumpmind
Vishal Kapil CIO, GMG Group
Vinay Kumar CTO, Landmark Group
Arun Chandra Mohan Chief Digital Officer, Majid Al Futtaim - Retail
Dan Slater Vice President of Retail, Hackett at AWWG