2024 Agenda

  • Sustainability & Ethics
  • Digital
24 Apr 2024    – 
Crafting the Future of Retail - Harmonizing Gen-Z Shopping Preferences and Values

As Gen-Z carve out their influence on market trends, discover how retailers are successfully winning over younger consumers. As the volume of Gen-Z consumers continue to grow, our visionary panellists will impart their expertise and stimulate creative thinking.

  • Translating tiktok and other social media trends into engagement opportunities.
  • Body positivity campaigns and teaming up with influencers to creatively market products.
  • Balancing consumer demands for sustainable and ethical products with price consciousness.
  • Engaging with younger consumers through gamification.
Angela Farrugia Founder, Brand x Society
Maria Hollins CEO, Ann Summers
Hash Ladha CEO, Jigsaw
Moses Rashid Founder & Executive Director, The Edit LDN
Tim Waller Co-CEO & Global Brand President, BABOR BEAUTY GROUP