2024 Agenda

  • Sustainability & Ethics
  • Supply Chain
24 Apr 2024    – 
Aligning Consumer Expectations for a Better World - Demonstrating Sustainable Practice throughout the Value Chain

As ethics and sustainability reshape retail, join us on a journey through the transformative shifts driven by consumer demand. As retailers expand their sustainability horizons, this panel will delve into the innovative strategies diminishing environmental impact and explore how retailers are demonstrating climate positivity to consumers without fear of greenwashing.

  • Using data to define and meet carbon emission goals.
  • Re-locating factories, modernising fulfilment centres and giving back to the local community.
  • Re-commerce and facilitating innovation with sustainable merchandise. 
  • Balancing requirements to strengthen brand identity whilst generating top line revenue
Lucy Maguire Senior Trends Editor, Vogue Business
David Wheeler COO, New Balance
Andreu Marco COO, Chalhoub Group
Mena Marano CEO, Arav Group
Marie-Chirstin Oebel Chief Marketing Officer, Vestiaire Collective