1. 20 mins
    Inspired by iconic pop culture and Americana heritage, the designer and his brand are driven by an ever-optimistic vision to break conventions and celebrate individuality. Today, under Hilfiger’s guid ...
  1. 40 mins

    Technological developments and shifts in consumer behaviour have provided a once in a generation opportunity to tear down organisational silos and embrace true customer centricity. 

    The numbers also paint a very clear picture. Retailers that develop robust omnichannel engagement programs enjoy significantly higher customer lifetime value, average order value and purchase frequency than their rivals. So developing these capabilities is essential in today’s digital first market. 

    The panel will take a deep dive into the latest thinking around: 

    • Making the organisational & cultural adjustments that facilitate customer centricity. 

    • Conducting a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis and building an effective ranking system for different customer experiences. 

    • Embedding innovation into customer experience programs

  1. Networking Coffee Break
    35 mins
  1. 40 mins
    Each cohort of consumers are more demanding and forthright than the previous generation. This makes capturing the customer’s imagination more frustrating and elusive than ever. But equally, the reward ...
  1. 20 mins
    The buzz around 6thStreet’s flagship store In Emirates Hills when it opened in September 2022 was electric. By combining the convenience and immediacy of 6thStreet’s e-commerce platform with an immers ...
  1. 20 mins
    Bootstrapping a start-up is tough. Competing with the biggest brands in the world to scale a start-up into a unicorn and the world leader in luxury performance footwear is nigh on impossible.  Join us ...
  1. Networking Lunch Break
    60 mins
  1. 20 mins
    Since 2016, Daily Paper has transformed itself from a plucky 10-year-old start up into a culturally acclaimed, upwardly mobile fashion disruptor with annual revenues of $40m.  The role of the company’ ...
  1. 40 mins
    • Stream 1

    Gen Z’s preference for experiences over possessions combined with a shift towards environmental activism has created the perfect environment for more mindful apparel consumption to thrive. Today’s consumer is making more considered purchases, whilst the use of fashion rental, repair and subscription services has grown exponentially in the last 5 years. 

    Join this session where 4 fashion trailblazers share powerful insights into: 

    • Addressing the returns problem that fashion retail is currently wrestling with. 

    • Incorporating new services & concepts into a retailer’s sustainability and circularity strategy. 

    • What does the future of fashion consumption look like? And how do retailers best prepare for an capitalise upon this paradigm shift? 


  2. 40 mins
    • Stream 2

    Today’s customer craves personalised, frictionless interactions with brands and retailers. Payment technology has a crucial role to play developing shopping experiences and journey’s that delight today’s consumer, and that drive loyalty and growth as a result. 

    Join this session and learn from our panel of esteemed retail leaders as they explore best practice in going the extra mile to meet the expectations of today’s digitally savvy, ultra-demanding customer, examining critical themes such as security, the surge in mobile adoption, minimising churn. 

  1. 20 mins
    • Stream 1

    At the height of the pandemic, AllSaints matched its best ever earnings results. Its secret weapons: team spirit and core values. 

    During this session, AllSaints & John Varvatos CEO Peter Wood shares how the organisation delivered record results in the face of overwhelming odds by relentlessly adhering to its core values of respect, community, togetherness and inclusion. 


  1. 25 mins
    • Stream 1

    Customers expect a memorable, personalised, frictionless experience from the retailers they give their custom to. In today’s world, they crave choice, convenience, flexibility, and immediacy. As consumers make increasingly stringent demands of the brands that they interact with, building a truly customer-centric business is key to healthy, sustainable growth. 

    Against the backdrop of technology evolving at a breakneck pace, no matter how big or small your business is, listening to the customer is a sure-fire way to build long lasting, meaningful relationships. 

    Join this session and hear real-life, cutting-edge insights into how this retail leader is successfully:  

    • Delivering an online shopping experience that will delight the customer  

    • Collaborating with industry players to deliver incremental value to customers  

    • Preparing for the customer of tomorrow 

  2. 25 mins
    • Stream 2

    Digitally native brands are slowly starting to learn some surprising lessons as their businesses scale. A major one is that selling as much product as possible by any means necessary does not guarantee sustainable, long-term success.  

    But the most enterprising brands have found a new edge: their communities.  

    In this session, Katrine Lee Larsen – Founder & CEO of Copenhagen Cartel - will share powerful insights into how the organisation has disrupted the swimwear and athleisure spaces since 2020 by:  

    • Cultivating an engaged, passionate community built by rolling out a series of environmentally positive activations such as a “clean up tour” which removed 2 tonnes of plastic from The North Sea.  

    • Moving into retail and using its flagship store as a hub for educating customers on the merits of environmentally conscious consumerism.  

    • Capturing the attention of the local and national mainstream media with impactful purpose marketing strategies. 


  1. 20 mins
    • Stream 1

    In a post-pandemic world, the bar for the in-store shopping experience has been set higher than ever before. As such, curating a memorable in-store experience to stand out from the crowd is critical..  

    The physical store needs to function as an experience hub where consumers can feel immersed in and interact with the brand.  

    In this session, Jo Malone will talk us through why she puts story telling at the heart of the Jo Loves experience. And how she leverages positive emotion to strengthen her relationship with the customer using instore activations such as Jo’s Tool Box, Fragrance Tapas and more. 

    Session includes practical demonstration!

  2. 20 mins
    • Stream 2

    Operating in an inflationary environment has caused commodity prices to rise. Retailers’ margins are being squeezed as a result.  

    But with consumer spending power hitting new lows, passing those costs onto customers is not an option. Well – not without a serious erosion of market share or further decline in consumption and customer spend.  

    And this is all before you throw the disruption caused by COVID into the mix. 

    How do you optimise your pricing strategy against this backdrop?  

    Join in this session, where PricingOne’s Ji-Hoon Dierckx & Samer Gabr will share thought-provoking insights into:  

    • Developing a customer centric value creation and revenue growth model to ensure you win the consumer value equation.   

    • Leveraging levers other than price to optimise your strategy and “price without pricing”.  

    • How to build a future looking pricing strategy when recent historical pricing data is no longer applicable.  

    • Incorporating robust pricing strategies into comprehensive commercial operating models.  

  1. Networking Coffee Break
    30 mins
  1. 40 mins
    • Stream 1

    In the face of fierce competition from brands’ direct-to-consumer initiatives, does speciality retail have a future in the new commerce landscape?

    In order to thrive, speciality retail in all its forms (lifestyle concepts, department stores, etc.) need to curate compelling shopping experiences that can compete with the immediacy and convenience of online.

    Join this session and learn from a panel of disruptors and heritage department stores as they discuss the issues at the heart of this sector’s future:  

    • How does speciality retail thrive in a digital-first environment where the customer craves personalisation, immediacy & convenience?  

    • Can you be all things to all customers?  

    • How do you decide which activations, campaigns, brand partnerships and innovations to build your engagement model around? 

    • What is the best process for building your partner ecosystem?  

  2. 40 mins
    • Stream 2
    Recent economic & political shocks have resulted in unprecedented upheaval in the retail labour market. At the same time, a new cohort of would-be employees have entered the workforce. How do brands m ...
  1. 40 mins
    In today’s fast-paced retail market, partnerships give brands the opportunity to lean on one another with a plethora of upside such as;  Exposure to new audiences that you can develop into loyal advoc ...
  1. Beach Party at Atlantis The Royal
    150 mins

    beachhhh babyAfter a jam-packed day 1 agenda of presentations, debates and scheduled business meetings, the Beach Party is the perfect time to digest, contemplate and discuss your learning.  

    Held at Seascape, the stunning Beach Bar set in 2km of pristine, private beach - kick off your shoes, feel the sand   between your toes and network with your peers.

    2 hours of entertainment, local musicians and world-class service, all set against the Dubai skyline, is the perfect   end to a busy day. 





  1. 6 mins
  1. 40 mins

    From community souks to the largest mall in the World, the Middle East has transformed its retail scene at an unprecedented pace. In this session we hear from 4 leading local players discussing why the region performed well in the midst of economic headwinds. And why e-commerce is likely to spearhead the region’s continued growth.  

    From traditional franchise models to home grown innovation, we’ll look at the major trends that characterise the region, the big challenges that it is currently grappling with and what the future holds, with a specific focus on:

    • How to build a sustainable business for the future 

    • The battle for retail talent 

    • Digital transformation 

    • Is the future home grown? 

  1. 20 mins

    A razor-sharp focus on its highest spending customers has enabled leading luxury e-commerce platform Mytheresa to deliver healthy year on year GMV growth during a period where many rivals have struggled.  

    Attend this intimate fireside chat where CEO Michael Kliger will share how betting big on customer lifetime value, experiential content and a curating collections to delight those customers led to Mytheresa’s outstanding recent results in a notoriously tough market. 

  1. 40 mins

    Against the backdrop of rapidly changing consumer behaviour and values, a new metric has emerged to determine which brands are winning the race to capture consumer attention: cultural credibility.  

    Shoppers expect the brands and retailers that they interact with to be forthright in their views on wide-ranging topics. From the environmental impact of their operations. To fair trade. Through to diversity and inclusion. 

    At the same time, factors like community and inspiration have completely changed the luxury customer journey. 

    Join this fascinating discussion, where our esteemed panel share insights into: 

    • Their organisation’s role at the forefront of popular culture 

    • The actionable implications that brands need to consider in the era of Luxury 3.0.  

    • Balancing the trade-off between commercial imperatives and remaining authentic 

  1. 25 mins

    Trained in architecture, Kristina Blahnik stepped into the CEO role for her uncle’s name-sake brand in 2009. Growing up within the brand, keeping the brand close to the originating family ideals that it began with, to becoming a CEO of a brand set for the future, has been an incredible journey. 

    Protecting the vision of Manolo whilst evolving with a fashion and retail world that is changing at breakneck speed, this exclusive session will explore the past, present and future of this incredible legacy. 

    Join Kristina as she explores the need to focus on a plan to protect the legacy with responsibility at its core – and how the foundations of an incredible history can sprout the buds of a new, disruptive and inventive brand


  1. 20 mins

    For 315 years Fortnum & Mason’s innovative spirit and passion have underpinned its success. As online has reinforced its position as the de facto channel for buying product, Fortnum & Mason has doubled down on its point of difference: the shopping experience. 

    During this intimate fireside chat, moderated by Walpole’s Charlotte Keesing, Tom shares the Fortnum & Mason story and its efforts to strike the delicate balance between taking advantage of its heritage whilst moving with the times. 

  1. 20 mins

    Join Renuka Jagtiani, Chairwoman of Landmark Group, for this intimate fireside chat as she shares the story of the company's journey as it celebrates its 50 years of excellence. The discussion will explore the Group’s growth, pivots, challenges and commitment to their loyal customers and the local community. 

    Renuka will discuss how the homegrown retail conglomerate built on its entrepreneurial foundation to successfully navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape in the region. The Landmark story showcases the company's unique approach to building a value-driven business that puts customer-centricity at the heart of everything they do.

    It's been about taking chances, learning from failures, building on successes and staying true to its ethos of creating and delivering exceptional value. Above all, it's about the people that drive the business by walking in through the doors every day with passion and commitment 

  1. 40 mins

    Pre-pandemic loyalty strategies no longer resonate with today’s consumer Delivering a highly personalised experience has been frequently highlighted as a pillar for inspiring customer loyalty in a digitally-led retail landscape. So how do brands develop loyalty strategies that drive the bottom line while creating meaningful, long-term relationships with the customer? 

    This discussion with a panel of esteemed retail leaders will take a deep dive into the hurdles they have had to overcome when revamping their loyalty programs. Join this session to learn about: 

    • Leveraging data to deliver experiences that delight shoppers and drive customer loyalty 

    • The investment decisions that pay the biggest dividends in light of increasingly rapid shifts in consumer behaviour and expectations 

    • What the future of loyalty personalisation looks like in a digital, experience-centric world 

  1. 40 mins

    Women make up just 10% of top retail executives but influence up to 85% purchase decisions. So there is a clear disconnect between who leads retail organisations vs their core customer. 

    The consumer’s need to feel aligned with the ethos and culture of the brands they interact with is at an all-time high. Given the overwhelming body of evidence which demonstrates that companies with more diverse workforces perform better, getting the gender balance in your executive board right can be make or break for retailers. 

    Join this session to hear global perspectives on: 

    • Implementing initiatives that can help to even up the gender balance across the whole organisation, including at executive level 

    • Developing programmes to identify and retain the best female talent 

    • Putting in place flexible working practices to retain top talent 

  1. 40 mins
    While price, value and service remain important, it’s the customer experience that defines the strength of the customer-retailer relationship. In today’s digital first landscape, delivering the fricti ...
  1. 40 mins
    Sustainability is here to stay. McKinsey recently reported that global sustainability investment has topped the $30 trillion mark. And that 70% of consumers would pay a 5% premium for a green product ...

*Please note: This agenda is not final and is subject to change, please check back regularly for updates*